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July to December 2010
(This material has expired and is no longer available to new users - see resources for Years C and A)

Arrow August 8th
Ordinary 19 - God does the unexpected
Arrow August 15th
Ordinary 20 - Hold fast to faith
Arrow August 22nd
Ordinary 21 - People before rules
Arrow August 29th
Ordinary 22 - Putting others first
Arrow September 5th
Ordinary 23 - Onesimus's story
Arrow September 12th
Ordinary 24 - All are welcome
Arrow September 19th
Ordinary 25 - God cares for the poor
Arrow September 26th
Ordinary 26 - Love God first
Arrow Harvest Service
Do not worry, God will provide
Arrow October 3rd
Ordinary 27 - Remember what you have learnt
Arrow October 10th
Ordinary 28 - God uses the unexpected
Arrow October 17th
Ordinary 29 - Don't give up
Arrow October 24th
Ordinary 30 - All need to be saved
Arrow October 31st
Ordinary 31 - From zero to hero
Arrow November 7th
Ordinary 32 - Confidence in God
Arrow November 14th
Remembrance - Jesus the greatest hero
Arrow November 21st
Sunday before Advent - Christ holds it all together
Arrow November 28th
 Advent Sunday - Jesus is returning, but when?
Arrow December 5th
 Advent 2 - The promise for all in the scriptures
Arrow December 12th
 Advent 3 - Jesus is the one
Arrow December 19th
 Advent 4 - Mary and Joseph
Arrow December 25th
 Christmas Day - Christmas is like a box of chocolates
Arrow December 26th
 Christmas 1 - A human like us

January to June 2011
Arrow January 2nd
 Epiphany - Giving and receiving
Arrow January 9th
 Covenant - Making promises
Arrow January 16th
 Ordinary 2 - The Lamb of God
Arrow January 23rd
 Ordinary 3 - The message of the Cross is for all
Arrow January 30th
 Ordinary 4 - A topsy-turvy world
Arrow February 6th
 Ordinary 5 - Salt, light and righteousness
Arrow February 13th
 Ordinary 6 - Make a good choice
Arrow February 20th
 Ordinary 7 - God's ways are best
Arrow February 27th
 Ordinary 8 - Do not worry
Arrow March 6th
Sunday before Lent -  Going up the mountain
Arrow March 13th
 Lent 1 -  Ever been tempted?
Arrow March 20th
 Lent 2 -  Called to love
Arrow March 27th
 Lent 3 -  Living Water
Arrow April 3rd
 Lent 4 -  God loves us like a parent
Arrow April 10th
 Passion Sunday -  God gives life
Arrow April 17th
 Palm Sunday -  Welcome. Jesus!
Arrow April 22nd
 Good Friday -  Following the way
Arrow April 24th
 Easter Sunday - He's Alive
Arrow May 1st
 Easter 2 - Touching Jesus
Arrow May 8th
 Easter 3 - Walking with Jesus
Arrow May 15th
 Easter 4 - Trusting Jesus
Arrow May 22nd
 Easter 5 - Following Jesus
Arrow May 29th
 Easter 6 - Sharing Jesus
Arrow June 5th, 2011
 Easter 7 - Waiting for Jesus
Arrow June 12th
Pentecost - Come Holy Spirit
Arrow June 19th
Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Arrow June 26th
Ordinary 13 - Goodness has its own reward

From July to December 2011
Arrow July 3rd
Ordinary 14 - Let God be in charge
Arrow July 10th
Ordinary 15 - What kind of soil are you?
Arrow July 17th
Ordinary 16 - Growing together
Arrow July 24th
Ordinary 17 - Nothing but the best will do
Arrow July 31st
Ordinary 18 - Jesus makes a difference
Arrow August 7th
Ordinary 19 - Have faith in Jesus
Arrow August 14th
Ordinary 20 - God's love is for all
Arrow August 21st
Ordinary 21 - Who do you say that I am?
Arrow August 28th
Ordinary 22 - Let God be in charge
Arrow September 4th
Ordinary 23 - The strength of two and three
Arrow September 11th
Ordinary 24 - Forgiveness is good for you
Arrow September 18th
Ordinary 25 - God's kindness
Arrow September 25th
Ordinary 26 - Try to be like Jesus
Arrow October 2nd
Ordinary 27 & Harvest  - Tending the vineyard
Arrow October 9th
Ordinary 28  - God's invitation
Arrow October 16th
Ordinary 29  - Whose world?
Arrow October 23rd
Ordinary 30  - The first commandment
Arrow October 30th
Ordinary 31  - God exalts the humble
Arrow November 6th
Ordinary 32  - Be ready
Arrow November 13th
Ordinary 33  - Use your gifts well
Arrow November 20th
Sunday before Advent and Christ the King - The Shepherd King
Arrow November 27th
Advent Sunday - Only God knows
Arrow December 4th
Advent 2 - Prepare the way
Arrow December 11th
Advent 3 - The best is yet to come
Arrow December 18th
Advent 4 - The Nativity story
Arrow December 25th
Christmas Day - Pass the Parcel

From January to June 2012
Arrow January 1st
Christmas 2 and Covenant - Signed with God's seal
Arrow January 8th
Ordinary 1 - The voice of the Lord
Arrow January 15th
Ordinary 2 - Who, me?
Arrow January 22nd
Ordinary 3 - All are called
Arrow January 29th
Ordinary 4 - Doing what is good
Arrow February 5th
Ordinary 5 - Supported by His strength
Arrow February 12th
Ordinary 6 - What kind of god is God?
Arrow February 19th
Sunday before Lent - Who is Jesus?
Arrow February 26th
Lent 1 - The highs and the lows
Arrow March 4th
Lent 2 - Who do you put your faith in?
Arrow March 11th
Lent 3 - Seeing the signs?
Arrow March 18th
Mothering Sunday - God comforts us
Arrow March 25th
Lent 5 - Passion Sunday - The road ahead
Arrow April 1st
Palm Sunday - The two crowds
Arrow April 6th
Good Friday - The Welle Stations
Arrow April 8th
Easter Sunday - Victory in Defeat
Arrow April 15th
Easter 2 - Rejoicing in Fellowship
Arrow April 22nd
Easter 3 - The resurrected Jesus
Arrow April 29th
Easter 4 - Jesus - the good shepherd
Arrow May 6th
Easter 5 - Jesus - the vine
Arrow May 13th
Easter 6 - God cares for everyone
Arrow May 20th
Easter 7 - Praying with Jesus
Arrow May 27th
Pentecost - The breath of God
Arrow June 3rd
Trinity Sunday - Three working together
Arrow June 10th
Ordinary 10 - Jesus' Family
Arrow June 17th
Ordinary 11 - God's Kingdom is like a seed
Arrow June 24th
Ordinary 12 - Who is this who...?

From July to December 2012
Arrow July 1st
Ordinary 13 - The compassion of God
Arrow July 8th
Ordinary 14 - Going home, sending out
Arrow July 15th
Ordinary 15 - Measuring up
Arrow July 22nd
Olympic Special - Keep yourself in training
Arrow July 29th
Ordinary 17 - God feeds us
Arrow August 5th
Ordinary 18 - Food that lasts
Arrow August 12th
Ordinary 19 - Are you an angel?
Arrow August 19th
Ordinary 20 - 3 ways to Wisdom
Arrow August 26th
Ordinary 21 - Make your mind up
Arrow September 2nd
Ordinary 22 - Walk the talk
Arrow September 9th
Ordinary 23 - Everyone's Included
Arrow September 16th
Ordinary 24 - The things we say
Arrow September 23rd
Ordinary 25 - Who's the greatest
Arrow September 30th
Ordinary 26 - For us or against us
Arrow October 7th
Ordinary 27 - A little lower than angels
Arrow October 14th
Ordinary 28 - Beware of wealth
Arrow October 21st
Ordinary 29 - The real X factor
Arrow October 28th
Ordinary 30 - Jesus bothers about people
Arrow November 4th
Ordinary 31 - Just do it
Arrow November 11th
Ordinary 32 - Everyone is known and loved by God
Arrow November 18th
Ordinary 33 - Jesus: The Real Thing
Arrow November 25th
Sunday before Advent - God: The greatest king
Arrow December 2nd
Advent Sunday - Past, Present and Future
Arrow December 9th
Advent 2 - The message of the Prophets
Arrow December 16th
Advent 3 - Expectancy, joy and hope
Arrow December 23rd
Advent 4 - Round orange, round orange
Arrow December 25th
Christmas Day - Christmas in a Candy Stick
Arrow December 30th
Christmas 1 - Teenagers!

From January to June 2013
Arrow January 6th
Epiphany - Three kinds of power
Arrow January 13th
Ordinary 1 - Baptism and promise
Arrow January 20th
Ordinary 2 - Trouble in the vineyard
Arrow January 27th
Ordinary 3 - Welcome Home
Arrow February 3rd
Ordinary 4 - Welcome Home: not
Arrow February 10th
Sunday before Lent - On the mountain top, back to earth
Arrow February 17th
Lent 1 - The inner battle
Arrow February 24th
Lent 2 - God's promises
Arrow March 3rd
Lent 3 - The patient gardener
Arrow March 10th
Lent 4 & Mothering Sunday - The loving parent
Arrow March 17th
Lent 5 & Passion Sunday - Worship and Service
Arrow March 24th
Palm Sunday - The battle commences
Arrow March 29th
Good Friday - A Good Friday Labyrinth
Arrow March 31st
Easter Sunday - Things can only get better
Arrow April 7th
Easter 2 - Evidence that demands a verdict
Arrow April 14th
Easter 3 - Putting things right
Arrow April 21st
Easter 4 - Being a disciple
Arrow April 28th
Easter 5 - Love one another
Arrow May 5th
Easter 6 - Good News for all
Arrow May 12th
Easter 7 - Loving one another in Christ
Arrow May 19th
Pentecost - Babel and tongues
Arrow May 26th
Trinity Sunday - The Dance of God
Arrow June 2nd
Ordinary 9 - The Centurion's Humility and Faith
Arrow June 9th
Ordinary 10 - The Greatest Prophet
Arrow June 16th
Ordinary 11 - Sinners forgiven not rejected
Arrow June 23rd
Ordinary 12 - Jesus in a foreign land
Arrow June 30th
Ordinary 13 - Sent by Jesus

From July to Advent 2013
ArrowJuly 7th
Ordinary 14 - What do we need? God is all sufficient
ArrowJuly 14th
Ordinary 15 - God loves you and I love you
Arrow July 21st
Ordinary 16 - Be still and listen
Arrow July 28th
Ordinary 17 - God gives good things
Arrow August 4th
Ordinary 18 - Rich in the things of God
Arrow August 11th
Ordinary 19 - God does the unexpected
Arrow August 18th
Ordinary 20 - Hold fast to faith
Arrow August 25th
Ordinary 21 - People before rules
Arrow September Tea-time Church
Moses in the bulrushes
Arrow September 1st
Ordinary 22 - Putting others first
Arrow September 8th
Ordinary 23 - Onesimus' s Story
Arrow September 15th
Ordinary 24 - All are welcome
Arrow September 22nd
Ordinary 25 - God cares for the poor
Arrow September 29th
Ordinary 26 - Love God first
Arrow October Tea-time Church
Moses and the burning bush
Arrow October 6th
Ordinary 27 - Remember what you have learnt
Arrow October 13th
Ordinary 28 - God uses the unexpected
Arrow October 20th
Ordinary 29 - Don't give up
Arrow October 27th
Ordinary 30 - All need to be saved
Arrow November Tea-time Church
Moses crosses the Red Sea
Arrow November 3rd
Ordinary 31 - From Zero to Hero
Arrow November 10th
Ordinary 32 - Confidence in God
Arrow November 10th
Remembrance - Jesus, the greatest hero
Arrow November 17th
Ordinary 33 - God's in control
Arrow November 24th
Sunday before Advent - Christ holds it all together

Current Resources

Year C (Quarter 3)<

Tea Time Church
July (Year 3) - Cornelius

Ordinary 14
July 3rd - What do we need? God is all sufficient & John loses his head

Ordinary 15
July 10th - God loves you and I love you & Actions speak louder than words

Ordinary 16
July 17th - The Shepherd of Israel & Mary and Martha

Ordinary 17
July 24th - God gives good things & The work of God

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