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During the CoronaVirus pandemic we we have been offering free of charge worship resources for folk to worship at home for some 15 months, however many churches are now open and worshipping we feel it is time to close this facility. However if circumstances change we will pick this up again.

Current Resources]

Year B (Quarter 2)

Tea Time Church - Widescreen
April (Year 2) - Jesus in the temple

Easter 4 - Widescreen
April 21st - Jesus - the good shepherd & Food that Endures

Easter 5 - Widescreen
April 28th - Jesus - The Vine & Resurrection in retrospect

Tea Time Church - Widescreen
May (Year 2) - The great banquet

Easter 6 - Widescreen
May 4th - God cares for everyone & Luke warm

Easter 7 - Widescreen
May 11th - Praying with Jesus & Jesus' manifesto

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