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IDEAS Resources for worship at home

During the CoronaVirus pandemic we we have been offering free of charge worship resources for folk to worship at home for some 15 months, however many churches are now open and worshipping we feel it is time to close this facility. However if circumstances change we will pick this up again.

Current Resources

Year B (Quarter 3)

Tea Time Church
June (Year 2) - Be ready

Ordinary 13
June 27th - The compassion of God & Count the cost

Tea Time Church
July (Year 2) - The Parable of the Talents

Ordinary 14
July 4th - The compassion of God & Jeremiah in the stocks

Ordinary 15
July 11th - Measuring up & The Good Samaritan

Ordinary 16
July 18th - The Shepherd of Israel & Mary and Martha

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