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During the CoronaVirus pandemic we will offer free of charge worship resources for folk to worship at home. Please do not use these for corporate worship. The full resoucres for corporate worship are also available.

IDEAS Resources for worship at home

A complete service for Advent 2 and  based on preparing for the coming of Jesus. There are also prayers, a readings, songs and an address  from IDEAS to make a rich visual worship experience. (There is an Advent Liturgy as part of the service and so we invite you to have advent  candles ready to light). The service is led by Rev'd Ann Bossingham - Download and watch

We are also presenting a lively session for children based on the the parable of the lost sheep with a John Hardwick Bible-Bop, a children's video and a lively children's song - Download and watch

Last weeks service for Advent Sunday - 
Download and watch

All the songs in these videos are covered by PRS Licence LE-0017937

If you wish please forward to folk who may benefit from these services or you may download these videos and blow them onto a DVD to share it with someone who has no access to the internet or you can print the prayers and address below and share them with someone who has no other way of sharing these resources.

Finally we have been pleased to offer these services free of charge, but there have been costs. The main one is our PRS licence which costs us a few hundred pounds a year. If you have found our services helpful please consider making a small donation (3) using the link to the right of here.

Current Resources

Lockdown Services
See our complete video service and children's resources

Year B (Quarter 1)

Tea Time Church
December (Year 2) -The wise men & gifts

Advent 2
December 6th - Prepare the way & John's Question

Advent 3
December 13th - Being a good witness & Cleaning up the mess

Tea Time Church
Christmas Service - Decorating the Tree

Christmas Carol Service
God's time, our time

Advent 4
December 20th - The nativity story & Mary's Song

Christmas Day
December 25th - Pass the parcel

Tea Time Church
January (Year 2) - The Rich Farmer

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