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This page is for Churches, Circuits or Benefaces to subscribe to IDEAS. It is not available for Districts, Deaneries, Dioceses or Provinces. The initial cost is 90 a year and this will cover the first 3 members. We then will create a page for other preachers and worship leaders in that area to sign up for 10 each.  If you wish to sign up as a individual use this form

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Standing Order
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If you sign up as a Church, Circuit or Beneface then the material can be used by those preachers and worship leaders who have signed up in that Church, Circuit or Beneface. However  they must not pass any material downloaded from IDEAS for use in any other Church, Circuit or Beneface.  We will send the passwords and  weekly emails to hose who sign up, but they should not forward the password or material to anyone else except any relevant technical teams.

To display the words of hymns etc. downloaded from IDEAS each church will still need to be signed up to the CCLI licence and will need to declare the use of IDEAS material. Some material now may also require a Calamus licence

We reserve the right to cancel your subscription if these conditions are violated. Please support the work of the trust by keeping to these conditions.

Current Resources

Year C (Quarter 4)

Do not worry, God will provide

Tea Time Church
October (Year 1) - Moses and the burning bush

Ordinary 29
October 20th - Don't give up & Living by the Law

Ordinary 30
October 27th - All need to be saved & The first commandment

Tea Time Church
November (Year 1) - Moses crosses the Red Sea

Ordinary 31
November 3rd - From Zero to Hero & The raising of Lazarus

Ordinary 32
November 10th - Confidence in God & Render to Caesar

Remembrance Sunday
November 10th - Jesus the greatest hero

Ordinary 33
November 17th - God's in control & The parable of the sower

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